Monitor and Make Changes

Your website can be monitored to see what sort of traffic you are getting and how long they are staying and what pages they were on when they decided to go elsewhere. Monitoring allows you to figure out what is working and what is not, then you have some direction to make the necessary changes to improve your website.

Fortunately, Google supplies their Analytics software free of charge, allowing you to monitor your website. With this type of program you have access to where your visitors have come from, what keywords brought them to your site, what sites are linking to your site, and even how long they were on certain pages. Then you can see the areas of visitor interest and those that send them elsewhere.

As you monitor your visitor action, you can make changes to your site so it is even more appealing and interesting to them. This facilitates making changes and monitoring¬†what works and what doesn’t until you fully understand the market niche you are in and how you can stand out as the business that satisfies it.

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