Motivate Clients to take Action

Your website should not just be a place for visitors to find information and then move on to other sites.  The goal of your website is to create a desire in your visitor to take action in the form of clicking the “Buy Now” button, filling out the contact form, dropping into your store to use an online coupon, phoning you for a quote or consultation, or simply to tell others of what your business represents. 

As such, no matter what action you want to motivate via your website, you need to make sure that it is obvious and easy for the potential client to take that action.  For example, if you want visitors to print off a coupon and come to your store then make sure it is easy for the client to find the coupon and simple to print it off.  If there is even the slightest obstacle for the client to get that coupon in their hands the likelihood of them battling through the techno jungle is low and they will move on to another site that gives them easier access.

Make the action you desire obvious to your visitors and they will be motivated to follow the path you have set out for them.  But remember sales take time and the buyer-seller relationship is more like a courtship than a one night stand. So don’t expect a commitment on the first date, your website needs to build client confidence and trust.

Finally, once you have motivated your visitor to action, it is now up to you to follow through on what you promised.  If you created great expectations in you client for some product or service, then make sure you live up to those expectations.  Your present clients will always be your best source of advertising, whether for or against you, therefore make sure they are fully satisfied with your products or services.


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