Providing Contact Methods

Your website is an excellent contact method for your present and future clients.  Now they can find answers to many of their questions 24/7, but you can not anticipate all the possible questions nor can you give a personal feel to your company if you do not provide ways for clients to contact you.

Many contact options are available for use on your website so together we can determine what will work best for your clientele and your business. If you are a small service business without a secretary, you may not want to provide a phone number if you are unable to take calls throughout the day. Or, if you are a large organization you may not want to include an email address that will be spammed to death. Instead, with both of these situations, a contact form approach would allow you to collect information and ask pertinent questions in the contact form to speed up the process so you can research and be prepared to give concise answers to the clients questions during a call back.



Usually your phone number should be easy to find on your website, it should stand out, especially if it is your main method for client contact. Having said that then why is our phone number not included…. well, as stated above and because this is an extra income business and we want to save money.  Therefore, we do not hire someone to answer phones instead we depend upon our contact form (see below) for clients to get a hold of us.


Provide your address if you want customers to know where you are located so they can drop in to see your products or talk to you about your services. On the otherhand, if you work from home or are seldom at the office this may not be the prefered approach and you may wish to get a post office box instead.


There are positives and negatives to providing this information. This is an easy contact for many but there is the problem with spammers utilizing your address. Consider setting up an email account just for receiving mail such as or

Contact Forms:

Contact forms are excellent for receiving enquiries and are less likely to be spammed. Some customers are reluctant to phone and find the contact form less intrusive. Not only do contact forms provide you with the pertinent information you have requested on the form further useful information can be indirectly gathered such as what search engine they were using to come to your site.

Live Contact Support:

People usually prefer to talk to a human on the other end of a call, someone who is knowledgeble and can answer their questions quickly and accurately in a friendly manner.

Call Backs:

Whether you are using a contact form, phone in, or live contact service, it is nice to include a call back service where the customer can specify the best time to get back to them. This will alleviate wait time for the customer that has phoned in and is put on hold or has contacted you via a contact form and wants you to call back. When you provide them the opportunity to select the time for the call back you’re shouting loud and clear that your company is all about service and customer satisfaction.


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