Nicarague StudentsInner City School in Managua, Nicaragua

There are approximately 100 students ages 5 to 14 in this inner city school.  It is located in a very poor area of the city.  This school is in need of funding for school supplies, textbooks and, within a year, funding for teachers’ salaries and rent.  This school is established to educate children who would have no other school in their region to attend, and would be denied the right to education.  Without help this school will not be able to remain open.  Their school year ends in November and reopens in January.  The total cost to keep the school operating is about $15,000 U.S./per year, or the equivalent of $150/child/year.  If this school does not remain open most of these children will end up working in the streets.  With the help of a “sister school” the future of these children would be dramatically improved.  Education is the way to lift these children out of poverty once and for all.

We all cannot go to Central America to help but we all can help in some way.  We are asking schools from countries of privilege to join with us in helping the children of Nicaragua through the Schools Beyond Borders Foundation.  Funds raised will cover the annual cost of operating the school and give hope to the students.  Each child will also receive one nutritious meal daily.

A school can partner with this school in Managua, Nicaragua and make a huge difference in the lives of these children…a difference that will last forever.  Every cent raised for this school will go directly to the benefit of the students.


There are approximately 100 Students ages 5 – 14 years


Please Contact Us, if your are interested in connecting and assisting one of these schools.