Why we seldom use Flash.

Flash adds glitz but unfortunately along with it come glitches.


Google and Apple are setting the new trend and that direction seems to be away from Flash and towards HTML5.


Flash was an excellent advance in web publishing, bringing websites alive but with that came some drawbacks. Flashy websites, forgive the pun, are great to look at but they are best left for sites that are in competitions not in business.


“Flash sites tend to be slow and buggy”, says Dan Porter, CEO of fun games site www.omgpop.com and he points out, “The performance of Flash is the single biggest cause of customer complaints.”


Plus, the Iphone, Itouch and Ipad do not support Flash content and for good reason. (see Steve Jobs Thoughts on Flash)


At DMuirDesigns we want your website not only to look good but we want to build a “Website that Works” every time.  We do incorporate Flash in our sites where it is the best or only option available but we try to provide it in such a way that when a client is using a device that doesn’t support Flash there will be other content to take its place.


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  • Yes, Flash is on its way out, largely thanks to Apple. HTML5 embed tags create web media that’s native to the browser it’s viewed on, rather than external plugins like Flash players.

    Also, any cool feature that can be done with Flash can also be done with a little CSS3 and jQuery, at much less cost to the browser.

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