Slideshows and Video without Flash

In my last post I talked about Flash and the problems associated with it.

Yet, you may still need that slideshow for the Artwork, Interior Design or Photography Website you are creating, therefore isn’t Flash the way to do it?

Yes and no, Flash is one of the ways to do a slideshow but is it the best way with the newer generation of mobile surfers that will not see you Flash content on their Iphone. (If you’re set on Flash give Slideshow Pro a try for a simple customizable product.)

What are the alternatives then?

Javascript has Potential

If you know your Java script and want to code your own slideshow then you could follow that path and have a website readable by the new mobile devices but then a few customers will not have Java capability. On top of this, every content update to the site will require a rewrite of you script. If this is the path you wish to follow there is a great YouTube how-to video by Forest Tanaka.

Cincopa gets our Vote

If you have a small amount (200MB) of graphic content or don’t mind spending under $50 per year to have a fast, easy to use, quick to update and feature rich solution then you may be very interested in Cincopa.

Cincopa allows you to quickly, and cost effectively enhance your web site with video, slideshows, and music, all in an interactive and rich experience. Other benefits included are the use of their web space and fast servers for streaming videos.

If you only need a small amount of space and low bandwidth you can get 200MB of online storage and 200MB of bandwidth per month for free. For under $50/yr. you can upgrade to 5GB of storage and 7GB of bandwidth and you then get all their cool features.

Lastly Cincopa automatically generates the html code that you can drop into your website or if you are using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal it creates a very simple 8 digit code that you just cut and paste into any Page or Post. Plus, when you add the free plugin to WordPress you can add a Widget and drop in the 8 digit code and presto you have a sidebar slideshow of your favourite pics.

We are impressed with Cincopa and we think you will be too.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.


For more information please Contact DMuirDesigns.

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